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Mandian Waterfall

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Man Dian waterfall (Photo from lvyou114.com)

The Man Dian waterfall is located in the tropic rain forest natural protective area, surrounded with the Dai minority villages and Ha Ni minority villages, 27km southeast Jung Hong city. The waterfall consists of 10 grades with the head drop of 20 meters, the width of 10 meters, thundering sounds.

Staring out from Man Dian village and walking along the valley among the thick forest for about 2.5 km, you will see the first grade of the waterfall, also the greatest one. You would be full of joy in appreciating the strange beautiful scenery. Water drops from the limestone cliff with the head drop of about 30 meters and width of 10 meters. All surroundings are full of water flowers and beautiful thin foggy, flying here and there. The sound of the water's hitting on the rocks sounds extremely thundering in the rain seasons. A peculiar 10-meter-tall tree stands on the cliff with the exposed roots.  As the nearest waterfall to Jung Hong city, the Man Dian waterfall is among the virgin forest with typical valley rain forest plants.


Man Dian waterfall (Photo from tuniu.com)

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