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Celebration of the 110th anniversary of the founding of Antu County will open

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On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the celebration of  the 110th anniversary of the founding of Antu County, or the Second Changbai Mountain Mineral Water Cultural Tourism Festival of China Antu with the theme of “Holy Antu, the pearl of Changbai”, organized by Antu county committee of the communist party of China and Antu people's government, will be grandly held during September 6 to 7.

Tianchi in Spring      Photo by Yue Xihong

This year is the 110th anniversary of the founding of Antu County. In 1909, the Qing government built a county in the east of Changbai and established the state administration of Niangniangku (now Songjiang Town) to stabilize the border area and safeguard the Tumen River boundary, then the government named this place "Antu", meaning peaceful Tumen. The 110 years is a history of revolutionary struggle, the rising entrepreneurship, and the development history of the cause; For 110 years, the people of Antu have been working hardly while seeking the truth and looking forward to the future. Under the leadership of all previous county party committees and county governments, under the efforts of party members, cadres and the masses of the county, Antu, an ancient and young land, has undergone earth-shaking changes and achieved new victories in the reform and opening up as well as the modernization construction.

The100th anniversary celebration of the county in 2009. Photo by Dong Lizhi

Antu, as the first county of Changbai Mountain, boasts excellent ecological environment, rich resources and is a state-level ecological demonstration area, national tourism comprehensive reform pilot area, national export quality safety demonstration area, ecological origin brand demonstration area, China green traditional Chinese medicine export base county, the township of mineral water, Chinese ginseng, and bees. In 2018 it was nominated in the "List of China's Most Beautiful Counties".

Rehearsing of dancing

According to the development direction of constructing Changbai Mountain green transformation demonstration county, the county combines the celebration of founding with cultural tourism festival and the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC, featuring cultural celebrations, economic and trade investment promotion activities, promotions of local tourism, and other promotions, which include 28 activities, such as cultural tourism project promotion and signing ceremony, mineral water high-end forum, themed theatrical performances, the First Korean Folk Culture Festival, fitness and dance competition, mineral water products, tourism products, local products exhibition and local food festival, experience tour of local towns. There are a large number of performers and rich and colorful programs involved, with strong Korean characteristics, including various traditional folk dances. You can also enjoy the large-scale original singing and dancing drama “Changbai Mountain Arirang”, combining both traditional and modern elements.

“Changbai Mountain Arirang” performance

The Korean crane dance, a national intangible cultural heritage, is a unique dance performance form of the Korean people in China with a long history. By simulating the crane's leisurely movements, the dance represents the Korean people’s worship of the crane and the pursuit of goodness and beauty. It is the only masquerade dance in Korean folk dances. The movements are characterized by imitation of cranes’ plain, soft and stretching movements. It is a special form of artistic performance, which is obviously different from other Korean dances.

Korean crane dance

In accordance with the development strategies of provincial party committee and government and the requirements of the industrial spatial layout, Yanbian Prefecture has adhered to the green transformation as the main line in recent years, taking the tourism industry as the new engine of development, fully implementing the "Xingzhou tourism" strategy, and creating a brand for it. As an important part of the "Xingzhou tourism" strategy, this celebration is a way to strengthen foreign exchanges, expand development, enhance the popularity of Antu, and gather the people of the county to promote the sound and rapid development of Antu's economy and society.

Spring in Tianchi. 

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