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Shui's Colorful Tradition of Oral Literature and Art

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The Shuis boast a colorful tradition of oral literature and art. Their literature includes poetry, legends, fairy tales and fables. Among the various forms, poetry, which consists of long narrative poems and extemporaneous ballads, are generally considered the most prominent. Stories and fables in prose style praise the diligence, bravery, wisdom and love of the Shui ethnic group and satirize the stupidity of feudal rulers. With rich content and vivid plots Shui tales are usually highly romantic.

The Shui women are making horsetail-based embroidery. (Photo from china.com.cn)

The horsetail-based embroidery is unique and best-known, hailed as the living fossil of Chinese embroidery. (Photo from china.com.cn)

Shui songs, which are usually sung without the accompaniment of musical instruments, fall into two categories: "grand songs" are sung while they work, whereas the "wine songs" are meant for wedding feasts or funerals. "Lusheng Dance" and "Copper Drum Dance" are the most popular dances enjoyed by all on festive occasions. Traditional musical instruments include gongs, drums, lusheng, huqin and suona horns. The Shui people make beautiful handicrafts -- embroideries, batiks, paper cuts and woodcarvings.

The embroideries of Shui people (Photo from china.com.cn)

The Shui woman wearing traditional costumes with embroideries. (Photo from china.com.cn)

The paper cuts of Shui people (Photo from china.com.cn)

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