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Traditional Russian food

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Traditional Russian food.

It is one of the most various, tasty and rich cuisines all over the world. The ancestries of Russians were gathering together around the table 5-6 times per day. This tradition had been saved by the abolition of servage. When capitalism started to build up in Russia, the amount of meals per day was axed.

The main ingredients.

In ancient Rus the menu of cuisine was quiet huge: meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, berries, fruits, grits. Many kind of oils were used like flavour: hemp-oil, mustard-oil, poppy seed oil. And important ingredient was flour.

The famous dishes.

Nowadays many people from different countries know about such dishes as: shchi (soup), bliny (traditional pancakes), borsch (soup), pork, kulebyaka (pie with meat, fish or cabbage filling), okroshka (kind of a salad), kvas (drink) etc.

Okroshka. This traditional dish is being cooked in Summer, when there is the hot. Usually people put into this salad boiled carrots, boiled potatoes, boiled meat, fresh cucumbers, boiled eggs and sour cream is like a flavour.


Borsch. This soup was popular during the ancient time and till nowadays. The main thing is that this soup has special red colour so you can never misrecognize it. Those ingredient which makes the soup red is a beetroot. Firstly one need to boil beef and then can add cabbage, beetroot, potatoes, carrot and onion. Usually people can eat borsch for several days, because they cook it in a very big pot.


Pirogi and pirozhki. That is one of tastiest and various meal, because it is cooked with dough and some filling, for example: with fish, with beef, with vegetables or with berries. The big ones are named pirogi and the small are pirozhki. Many people associate pirozhki with their childhood because grannies like to cook it for their grandchildren. 

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