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Landscape in Russia

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As far as Russia is the biggest country, there is a huge variety of landscapes: seas, mountains, steeps, forests, rivers, lakes.

Every part of Russia, even every subject of Russia has its own special features.

Kamchatka. The land of volcanoes, located in the northeastern part of Eurasia in Russia. It is washed by the sea of Okhotsk from the west, the Bering sea and the Pacific Ocean from the east. The most attractive thing of this part of Russia is volcanoes and steppes around them.

Summer in Kamchatka

Mutnovsky volcano (2332 m)

Murmansk region. The northwest of the European part of Russia, located above Arctic circle. This place is full of softwood forests and as it is located on the north, there very beautiful sunsets during Winter time.

Altay region. Southeast of Russia. One of the most popular touristic destinations in country for local and foreign tourists. The lake Baikal is located in this region. There we can see the most typical Russian zones - steppe and forest steppe, taiga and mountains.


Steppes in Altai

Mountains in Altai

Adygeya Republic. A part of southern Federal District. Its mountains included in the UNESCO list of World Natural Heritage. There are plenty of waterfalls, caves, forests, rocks, gorges, canyons, rivers and alpine meadows.

Natural landscape of Adygeya.

Ural mountains. Separates Asia from Europe so situated in several Russian subjects. The winter in Urals is awesome, the temperature is low, about -25 degrees, but there are adorable landscapes in mountains and forests this time.


Perm region, Winter time. Photo by Vladimir Chuprikov

Caucasus. Big mountain system at East European Plain. The landscapes are breathtaking.


Karachay-Cherkessia Republik


Dagestan Republik 

Photos posted by Sergey Rzhevsky 

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