WESTRIP S.L is a company with official travel license (No CICMA: 2614) and Spanish Chamber of Commerce registration number B86297843. The company headquarter is located in Alcala, the longest and one of the busiest street in Madrid.

The Noble House Travels (Italy)

The Noble House Travels is a tour operator focused on the Italian incoming tourism market. Our team is dedicated of professionals who don’t work only behind the desks, but follow most of the clients themselves, in any part of Italy.
Our team has experiences with clients from all over the world. We can speak and liaise in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Chinese.

Himalayan Travel Experts Tours&Treks (Bhutan)

Himalayan Travel Experts (HTE) extends a warm welcome to Bhutan- the peaceful, spiritual and unspoiled landscape originated from the pure, pristine and natural mountains of the Himalayas, which has influenced our traditions and continues to resonate down through to everything we say and do today.


​ From Hobby to Passion And Passion to Profession , started the journey with all its domestic and abroad experiences behind (16 countries +) and thinking with confidence to welcome most of the people from abroad and India in a very affordable cost. We try to provide the best services and Hospitality to our guests. And we totally believe in the Sanskrit phrase “Atithi Devo Bhava”... In English: “The guest is equivalent to God”. Total care is taken during the stay of our guest. We always keep in mind that our guest full heartily enjoys their stay and have a positive outlook towards Northeast tourism. We have different Packages for Northeast, still we stick to the requirements of our Guest. ​

High Way Travels & Tourism

HW Travel & Tourism is part of Bastaki International Group with offices in Dubai and Beijing. As a destination management company that caters to a range of travelers from Western and Asian countries,we have a multilingual team with long experience in the tourism industry in the Middle East that offers quality service.We are available to assist our clients 7 days a week, at any time, day or night.

The Far Horizon (India)

Far Horizon Tours, was formed in 1992 by two passionate individuals with over two and half decades of experience, in tourism to India. The vision was to provide a unique, fresh and personal approach for travel to the Indian subcontinent. The company’s ethos is to not only view the famous monuments of this great land but, to experience what we call “Experiencing the Living Cultures of India”.

My Voyage (India)

My Voyage is a India Tourism (India Govt) as well as Assam Tourism (State govt) recognized travel agency. We deal mainly with travel packages into the North East India. Our packages are all customized packages as per customers requirements. We deal from air port pick-up to airport drop, everything included.

Crown International Travel Group (India)

India crown international tourism group was founded in 2009. It is an international influential tourism group. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, India. At the same time, there are sub branches in Egypt, Dubai, Turkey, Jordan and Iran. India Crown International Travel Group covering Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Iran, Egypt, India and many other countries and regions, the establishment of 8 years, an annual average of 150 to 200 to send a tour service, totaling nearly more than 50 thousand visitors, including a large number of China from public access and exchange, business delegation, delegation the exhibition pavilion view group, has accumulated rich experience, and won the India Embassy in China, China government agencies, large exhibition companies and Chinese travel agency customer praise.


As the best local Chinese travel agency in the United States, Utrip provids U.S. tourism reception, car-renting service, personal customized arrangement, company group tourism, business meetings, and summer/winter camps. Utrip’s business covers the United States, but also covers Canada, Mexico and other American countries.

Utrip has professional and experienced Chinese guides, car teams and chain hotels with diverse qualified certifications. In addition, Utrip has skilled and experienced itinerary consultants who specializes in arranging different tourism itinerary based on different individual guests and group guests with high-quality services.

Golden Travel Services

After 18 years of experienced operations, Golden Travel Services has established mature and professional business in terms of particular overseas official invitations. At the same time, Golden Travel Services has also established a long-term healthy partnership with hotels all over the Americas, to provide high-quality products and services with valuable price.

In addition, Golden Travel Services has been consistently committed to promoting cooperation between Chinese and foreign government agencies, and promoting exchanges between business associations and non-governmental organizations. It has brought beam effect on linking business and cultural exchanges between China and the West. Since being founded in 1991, Golden Travel Services has successfully hosted various tourism groups from China, such as the central ministries and commissions who have exhibition, training, investment and other activities, with characteristic and comfortable arrangement.

Cal Travel & Tours/CALWORLD VACATIONS is registered in British Columbia and an official member of the Canadian Tourism Commission. With decades tourism services, the Cal Travel & Tours specializes in sightseeing in Vancouver and Toronto city, skiing in Whistler, maple viewing in Quebec as well as touring services in the filed of Alberta Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls.

JK Travel Inc.

JK Travel Inc. is located in the Chinese community of San Gabriel in Los Angeles. It serves the Chinese there for 17 years. Our company's business covers international and domestic air ticket bookings. We can organize bus tours, aircraft tours and cruises. Our service staff is skilled and friendly. We will provide you with high quality travel service.

Orange Holiday

Orange Holiday is committed to the principle of customer first, providing the most complete, safest and most convenient travel vacation service for individuals and groups around the world!

Through a modern corporate management and operation model, Orange Holiday has developed a professional and experienced team that has provided travel service to thousands of guests. Orange Holiday's original private custom service, fully understanding the needs of the guests, elaborately planning the trip to match the wishes of the guests, so that guests can enjoy a unique travel experience!

In order to cater to consumers' preference for Internet resources, Orange Holiday launched a large-scale e-commerce platform OTA (Online Travel Agency) in 2016, which covers 10,000+ global boutique line tours, 20000+ personalized free travel and 6000+ private customized service lines. In addition, Orange Holiday offers theme park tickets and online instant bookings for local entertainment, allowing you to quickly and easily find the travel resources you need while enjoying the lowest prices and best service!

Beijing Biztour International Travel Service Co., Ltd is one of the largest companies in the United States specializing in the services of the China-US Business Travel Group. After more than 10 years of development, it has become a comprehensive business service organization integrating business research, international exhibitions, international training, educational exchanges, business travel, hotel cruises, and e-commerce. After long-term development, it currently has branch offices in New York, liaison offices in San Francisco and Hawaii, and branches or representative offices in 10 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, with nearly 300 employees.

Based on the rich travel resources, high-quality travel products, and professional outbound travel service experience, it provides US travel, Booking and handling of cruises, Grand Canyon tours, special tours, business travel, international airfare, international hotels and other services.

ChinAmeriCana Travel Corp.

Canada Global Travel Service provides Canada travel, overseas travel, local guide, air tickets, overseas travel, Canadian business visits, US business visits, various training programs in the US and Canada, and summer camps for primary and secondary school students. It is officially approved by the BC Provincial Government of Canada and the Canadian Tourism Board (license number 39488). Located in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, the travel agency provides a warm and thoughtful service to the growing number of business and tourist guests and overseas students and their family. By providing customers with reliable, good quality and competitive ticket sales and travel reception, we are constantly striving to develop new projects and establish new customer channels, further expanding cooperation with local Chinese Canadians and tourism service industries and groups in China. With the gradual opening up of Chinese citizens' private travel to Canada, our company will continue to work hard with the Canadian and Chinese industry to develop and launch more new travel routes and services, further facilitating mutual understanding and exchange between the two countries to adapt the growing and expanding tourism exchange trend between the two countries

Chosen Travel

Located in Los Angeles on the west coast of the United States, CHOSEN TRAVEL is a travel company officially approved by the California State Government. We provide professional travel services including air tickets, tour guides, US business visits, hotel reservations, and various individual or group tours. If you have any questions about our itinerary or you need more detailed information, you can send an email to for consultation.

America Universal Travel Inc.

AMERICA UNIVERSAL TRAVEL INC is a company certified by the California State Government. Our company implements a modern management model and has now become a modern travel advisory agency serving the world. Global Travel has a good relationship and close business relationship with many international airlines and has become one of the international travel agencies with high reputation.

Our company mainly cooperates with many travel agencies in the world, such as the United States, Canada, China, Australia and other countries, and wholesale tourism products and undertake the pick-up service to major travel agencies in the United States. According to the guests' request, we can provide various travel services, such as travel services in the United States and abroad, travel consultation, air ticket reservation, hotel reservation, cruise booking, etc. Our company has always been committed to creating personalized, intelligent travel routes for Chinese people around the world, and creating a professional travel e-commerce service platform through which interacti ng with customers.

Cham Tour

Since Cham Tour established in 2014, it has always been committed to creating tourism products suitable for all walks of life in society. The company headquarter is located in San Francisco, and has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Miami. The company mainly receives self-driving customers, commercial customers, and private custom groups. Its business scope covers exhibition groups, business delegations, company team buildings, family travels, company annual meetings, product launches, trainings and investigations in the Silicon Valley and famous universities of the US and so on. Also, Cham Tour has combined new local attractions with classic tourism projecting a number of unique self-driving tour lines.

APF Travel

Established in 1973, APF Travel is a full service travel agency, wholesale tour operator and air consolidator based in Los Angeles, California. We serve leisure, MICE, corporate, government and educational clients through our family of travel brands including GoLatin Travel, APF Corporate & Government, APF Air Consolidator and ABC Tour Co. We have a network of marketing partners and sales agents around the world including offices in Beijing, China and Cancun, Mexico. We strive to provide the best customer experience for our clients as their long-term travel partner.


ALIVE TRAVEL INC. is a travel company approved by the California government with commercial insurance. Its service covers local tour groups, free trips, self-driving tours, cruise ships, hotels, visas, tickets to scenic spots, companies and enterprise group trips to the United States, as well as arrangement of business delegation.

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