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9-Day In-depth Tour in India
Direct flight from Shanghai to Delhi, which is safe and comfortable. Fully enjoy the beautiful scenery: seven wonders of the world—Taj Maha, Pink City—Jaipur, the Ganges River, the Love Temple, Orchha Fort Complex, the cradleland of Buddhism—Sarnath.
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11-Day In-depth Tour in India
1. Varanasi—one of the holy lands of India and the place where the Buddha uncovers the core of the will of God. 2. Sarnath—the Buddhist sacred land where the Buddha first started his teachings. 3. Lumbini(in Nepal)—the birthplace of the Buddha. 4. Bodh Gaya—the holy land where the Buddha was enlightened. 5. Griddhakuta—the place where the Buddha teaches the Lotus Sutra. 6. Nalanda—the first university site of Buddhism.
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