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8-day Photo Tour in Heilongjiang

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Special services:

The number of people: 20; 

The tour won’t start until the number of people reach 20.

1.Lead by photographic experts: The top photographic specialists in China serve as leaders and provide photographic creation training and professional guidance during the entire trip.

2.In-depth Tour: Instead of cursory “tourists traveling”, this photo tour of Yichun, Heilongjiang goes deep to the most classic spots for photography to make deep photo creation. 

4. Publication of picture album: The expert will select 20 classic works of each member, post-produce and publish the delicate picture album for free. 

5. Exhibition: tour members can selectively display photos online (including Global Trip, Global Photography in English and Chinese, Mobile Photography, Wechat platform, Indian Crown International Travel Group and other platforms) and offline (including Pingyao International Photography Festival, International photographic week of Natural Ecology and other large-scale international exhibitions) to promote the works. 

6. A jury of experts: Each traveler chooses 10 photos to participate in work rating. One best photographer will be selected by experts, and be honored as the “excellent photographer of the Global Trip” with the Certificate of Honor being a proof. The winner will rise to a senior membership of the Global Trip free of charge.


1. In-depth photographic tour: shoot the most primitive beauty of the wetland;

2. Elaborate itinerary: Based on the experiences of several trips to Yichun, the photographers of the Global Photography select optimal local shooting sites (Shangganling Stream National Forest Park, Xinqing National Wetland Park, Tangwang River National Park, Wuyiling Wetland Nature Reserve, Maolangou National Forest Park and so on). The subject is well-chosen to improve the shooting efficiency and add to opportunities to take fine pictures;

3. Local starred hotels, safe and comfortable;

4. High-quality service from professional leaders and local tour guide of Yichun. 


Day 1: Lindu Airport of Yichun—Yichun District

Assemble at the Lindu Airport of Yichun and go to check in the hotel by bus (about 11 kilometers, about 15-minute drive). Experts training course after arrival. 

Day 2: Yichun District—Shangganling—Yichun District 

After breakfast, drive to the Shangganling Stream National Forest Park (about 30 kilometers, a 40-minute drive). Located in the middle part of the Xiaoxing'an Mountains, the park is mainly composed of low mountains and gentle hills, with the lowest elevation of 242 meters and the highest elevation of 770 meters. Among hillsides and stones are cypresses, pines, weeds and mountain flowers. The hundreds of years of red pines and tall white poplars can be found everywhere in the park.

After lunch, drive to the Xing’an Forest Park of Yichun (about 30 kilometers, about 40-minute drive). Located in the South Mountain, it is the first park with forest landscape in Yichun. The primary vegetation form in the park is the mixed coniferous broad-leaved forest. It boasts rich animal and plant resources, including over 40 rare tree species such as red pine, spruce, fir, yellow pineapple and ash, and over 20 kinds of wild animals. A rotating sightseeing tower is in the mountain peak for people to appreciate the beautiful scenery. 

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner.

Accommodation: Yichun district.

Day 3: Yichun district—Xinqing district—Tangwang River

After breakfast, go to the Xinqing National Wetland Park (about 100 kilometers, a 1.5-hour drive). Within the park, there are clear water, lush trees, and chirping water birds. When the breeze blows, the waving reed is just like the green boundless ocean. In the season with a large amount of rainfall, the marsh glimmers silver light, presenting a grand and magnificent picture that waters and skies merge in one color. 

After lunch. drive to the Tangwang River National Park (about 28 kilometers, a 30-minute drive). It is the first authorized national park in China. With unique tourism resources and advantaged forest resources, it boasts nearly a thousand species and multiple reservations. There are 20 rivers in the park, of which the Tangwang River, the mother river of Yichun, totals a length of 509 kilometers. In the southern mountain area of the park scatters various sizes of rocks. Although these rocks look normal, savvy people know that they are the only granite geological relics in Indosinian uncovered in China. These rocks, along with the mountains of Zhangjiajie, the water of Jiuzhaigou, are known as the “Three Wonders of China”. 

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Accommodation: Tangwang River

Day 4: Tangwang River—Wuyiling District—Jiayin County

After breakfast, drive to the Wuyiling Wetland Nature Reserve (about 25 kilometers, a 30-minute drive). Located on the summit of Xiaoxing'an Mountains, it is a harmonious land of idyllic beauty, and the representative, typical, and scarce forest natural reserve in the high latitude area of China. It has both the special natural landscape of the immense forest in the North and a bit gentle flavor in the South.  The wetland has the well-preserved ecological system, which is both the water conservation region of the Songhua River and Heilongjiang, and the significant passage for migratory waterfowl in the Northeast Asia and Europe as well as the habitat and breeding place of wild animals and plants. 

After lunch, drive to the Jiayin County (about 123 kilometers, about a 2-hour drive). After arrival, shoot the border river between China and Russia—Heilongjiang. Heilongjiang—the river of a black dragon, gets its name for a large amount of humus in the river and the black water. 

Here you can enjoy the sparkling river and gorgeous scenery on both sides of the river and it is also the optimal place to appreciate the sun rise. 

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner.

Accommodation: Jiayin County. 

Day 5: Jiayin County—Maolangou National Forest Park—Yichun district 

After breakfast, drive to the Maolangou National Forest Park (about 68 kilometers, a 1.5-hour drive). It is located in the sea of the forest of Xiaoxing'an Mountains in Jiayin county, with an elevation of over 400 meters. The average height of the mountains in the park is about 80 meters. The marvelous peak, jagged rocks, plunging waterfalls, and dense fog cast a veil of “danger” for the Maolangou National Forest Park.

After lunch, drive back to the Yichun district (about 226 kilometers, a 3.5-hour drive). After arrival, check in the hotel and feel free to shoot pictures.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Accommodation: Yichun district. 

Day 6: Yichun district—Meixi distric

After breakfast, drive to the Huilongwan National Forest Park (about 40 kilometers, a 1-hour drive). Located in the southwest of Yichun city, it boasts the distinctive red pine forest, the sea of azaleas and magical Huilong pond. The original natural landscape is in harmony with the quiet temple. The scenery in the park is pleasant, with lush trees, deep valleys and clear streams. Nearly 100 kinds of wildflowers are full in blossom.

After lunch, feel free to shoot pictures.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Accommodation: Huilongwan Scenic Area. 

Day 7: Meixi district—Yichun district

After breakfast, drive to the Wood Carving Garden (about 40 kilometers, a 1-hour drive). It is a garden area of the forest zone with the high cultural taste. The whole garden finely combines the traditional culture of the forest area and the modern sculpture, highlighting the main theme of “nature and life”. The Wood Caving Garden is divided into four parts, of which each part has a specific theme and relates to each other, forming an integrated whole. 

After lunch, take photos in the Stone Garden of the Xiaoxing'an Mountains. Located in the southwest corner of Yichun, it is a unique garden that combines the stone carving, inscriptions, peculiar stones, rare flowers and uncommon trees. It is also the showground of the natural volcanic rocks, and the sculpture of Confucius and Li Bai sits on the green grass. The large-scale relief sculptures reflect the entire process of the development and construction of Yichun, setting you in the historical pages of Yichun. 

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner.

Accommodation: Yichun district.

Day 8: Yichun district—Lindu Airport of Yichun

After breakfast, go to the Lindu Airport of Yichun (about 11 kilometers, a 15-minute drive), and end the delightful photo tour. 

Meal: Breakfast. 

The above schedule may be adjusted based on some reasons, such as weather and road condition. Thanks for understanding. 

The specific time of the trip: Early August. 


Charges include: 

1. The local air-conditioned tour coach;

2. The listed hotel, standard double room. If there is natural single room, please make up the price difference; 

3. The listed food (7 breakfasts, 13 dinners); 

4. The listed tickets for attractions;

5. Charges for the local tour guide and drivers;

6. Charges for the professional instructor of photography. 

7. Expense of tour leaders and correlative charges of organizations;

8. Travel accident insurance.

Charges exclude: 

1. Transportation fees (such as air tickets and train tickets). 

2. The additional activities beyond the schedule;

3. Other personal consumption; 

4. Price differences for single rooms: if there is a single person, male or female, we will arrange the triple room or extra bed. You need to make up the price difference if there is no triple room). 

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