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10-day in-depth Photo Tour in Cyprus

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Based on rich experiences of our photographers'several tours to Northern India, we select the most suitable spots for photography (Paphos, the birthplace of Greek goddess of love; Limassol, the second biggest city of Cyprus; Larnaca, the coastal city of Cyprus and so on). Guided by the famous photographer, Taisen Kang, this tour will allow you to break through the previous tour experience and capture impressive works. During this trip, you can photograph historic buildings, mysterious archaeological sites, folk customs, world-famous heritage, and enjoy different water sports and a variety of food. In short, this 10-day photo tour is a worthwhile trip. 

Route map: 

Special service:

1. Number of people: 15 - 20;  The tour won't start until fully booked.

2. Lead by photographic experts: The famous photographer, Taisen Kang, will serve as leaders, providing photographic training in the local area and professional guidance during the entire trip.

3. In-depth Tour: Instead of cursory “tourists traveling”, this photo tour of India goes deep to the most classic spots for photography to make deep photo creation. 

4. Publication of picture album: The expert will select 20 classic works of each member and make a delicate picture album for free. 

5. Exhibition: tour members can selectively display photos online (including Global Trip, Global Photography in English and Chinese, Mobile Photography, Wechat platform, Indian Crown International Travel Group and other platforms) and offline (including Pingyao International Photography Festival, International photographic week of Natural Ecology and other large-scale international exhibitions) to promote the works. 

Date of Departure

Assemble in the Capital International Airport on June 16th, 2018 and return Beijing on June 25th, 2018 after 10 day’s photo tour. Considering the need to apply for the visa, book tickets and other issues, the deadline for registration is May 31th (first come first served). 


Day 1 Beijing

Assemble in the Capital International Airport at the appointed time and fly to Larnaca by Qatar Airways (Flight for reference: Beijing--Doha QR895 01:50-05:35, the flight time is about 8 hours and 45 minutes; Transfer at Doha, the duration of stay is about 1 hour and 30 minutes; Doha--Larnaca QR265 07:05-11:25, the flight time is about 4 hours and 20 minutes). 

Meal: No

Accommodation: on the plane

Day 2: Beijing--Larnaca--Paphos 

Arrive at the Larnaca International Airport, drive to Paphos (about 130 kilometers, a 1.5-hour drive). Located in the southwest of Cyprus, Paphos is the birthplace of the Greek goddess of love and one of the tourist attractions of the Mediterranean Sea.

After arrival, take photos of Petra tou Romiou. According to the legend, the Ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty - Aphrodite - was born of the sea foam here. Legend tells that she rose from the waves and was escorted on a shell to this particular beach.

Go to the hotel (about 25 kilometers, a 20-minute drive), and have a rest.

Meal: Lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: Paphos. 

Petra tou Romiou

Petra tou Romiou

Day 3: Paphos

After breakfast, drive to the old town of Paphos (about 5 kilometers, a 12-minute drive). After arrival, take photos of the landmark building--Medieval Castle of Paphos

This castle was originally built to protect the harbor and was a Byzantine fort. During the 13th century, the castle was rebuilt by the Lusignans. In 1570, however, the castle was once again destroyed by the Venetians who at that time were unable to protect the fort from the ongoing attacks by the Ottomans. The Ottomans succeeded in gaining access to Paphos and during the Ottoman rule the castle was once again restored, expanded, and strengthened to what it is today. The castle itself is a stunning stone walled castle built on the harbor. There is an arched battle way bridge that connects the castle to the harbor itself. There are very few windows in this castle but the view from the top platform is magnificent. 

Then, visit the Ayia Kyriaki Church (about 1.2 kilometers, a 6-minute drive). It was built around 1500 AD as a Latin Church on the site of a small church which was destroyed in 59 AD by an earthquake. Tradition has it that St. Paul was scourged in Paphos at the pillar near this church. This church is, therefore, often known as “The Church by St. Paul’s Pillar”.

After lunch, go to the Tombs of the Kings (about 3 kilometers, a 10-minute drive). Spread over a vast area, these impressive underground tombs date back to the 4th century BC. They are carved out of solid rock while some are decorated with Doric pillars. High officials rather than Kings were buried here, but the magnificence of the tombs gave the locality its name.

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: Paphos. 

Medieval Castle of Paphos

Ayia Kyriaki Church 

Tombs of the Kings 

Tombs of the Kings 

Day 4: Paphos 

After breakfast, drive to the Paphos Archaeological Park (about 3 kilometers, a 10-minute drive). The Park includes sites and monuments from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages, while most remains date to the Roman period. The intricate mosaic floors of four Roman villas (the houses of Dionysos, Theseus, Aion and Orpheus) form the impressive epicentre of the finds, and depict various scenes from Greek Mythology. The complex also includes other important monuments, such as the Asklepieion, the Odeon, the Agora, the Saranta Kolones (Forty Columns) Castle, the Limeniotissa ruins of an Early Christian Basilica, and the Tombs of the Kings.

Paphos Archaeological Park   Photographer: Fusheng Liu

Paphos Archaeological Park   Photographer: Fusheng Liu

Paphos Archaeological Park   Photographer: Fusheng Liu

Paphos Archaeological Park   Photographer: Fusheng Liu

Paphos Archaeological Park 

After lunch, drive to the Avakas Gorge (about 23 kilometers, about 40-minute drive). A masterpiece of nature, Avakas Gorge is situated in the unspoilt Akamas peninsula in northwest Paphos. A trekker’s paradise, it offers spectacular views and a generous introduction to local flora and fauna, including the endangered centauria akamantis - an endemic plant found only in the gorge. 

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: Paphos. 

Day 5: Paphos--Limassol--Troodos

After breakfast, drive to the Limassol (about 60 kilometers, a 50-minute drive). It is Cyprus’ second city and premier port, with a reputation for fast living, frenetic nightlife, fine hotels and sophisticated restaurants. Limassol is the right place to be when looking for a beach holiday


Limassol seaside resort

After arrival, take photos of Kourion, 19 kilometers west of Limassol. It is one of the most famous ancient attractions in Cyprus. Kourion is renowned for its importance, as historical sources suggest it was a major ancient city kingdom of Cyprus. 


After lunch, drive to the Troodos (about 43 kilometers, a 50-minute drive). A genuine Byzantine treasure trove is nestled in the mountain range of Troodos, and reveals the island’s religious heritage through Holy buildings that have remained largely unchanged for centuries. With the island situated at crucial crossroads of the Eastern Mediterranean, the land is characterized by one of the greatest concentrations of churches and grandiose monasteries of the former Byzantine Empire.

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: Troodos 

Day 6: Troodos--Nicosia--North Cyprus

After breakfast, drive to Nicosia (about 80 kilometers, a 1.5-hour drive). It is the capital and seat of government of Cyprus, and as such is the farthest southeast of all EU member states' capitals. It has been continuously inhabited for over 4,500 years and has been the capital of Cyprus since the 10th century. After arrival, take photos of Venice City Wall, Famagusta Gate, Cyprus Military Dividing Line.

Then, go to North Cyprus

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: North Cyprus

Day 7: Kyrenia--Saint Hilarion Castle

After breakfast, drive to the Kyrenia Castle. First built in Roman times, Kyrenia Castle was later fortified by the Byzantines and enlarged by the Lusignans. Most of the castle building which can be seen today, however, dates back to the 1480s when Cyprus was under Venetian rule. Not only is Kyrenia Castle impressive but it also houses the fascinating shipwreck museum, displaying the remains of the world’s oldest shipwreck, which dates back to 300 BC with its cargo, which was found just off the coast of Kyrenia in 1965.

Kyrenia Castle   Photographer: Fusheng Liu

Kyrenia Castle   Photographer: Fusheng Liu

Kyrenia Castle   Photographer: Fusheng Liu

Kyrenia Castle   Photographer: Fusheng Liu

Kyrenia Castle   Photographer: Fusheng Liu

Kyrenia Castle 

Kyrenia Castle 

Then, drive to the Saint Hilarion Castle (about 17 kilometers, a 30-minute drive). It consists of three words. The two of them, the lower and the middle one served economic purposes, and the third one, the upper ward served as a house for the royal family. Below the lower castle, the Prince John tower is located on a cliff, while the church sits on the middle ward. 

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: North Cyprus

Saint Hilarion Castle 

Saint Hilarion Castle 

Saint Hilarion Castle 

Day 8: Salamis--Paphos

After breakfast, drive to the Salamis (about 90 kilometers, a 1.5-hour drive). Salamis is an ancient Greek city-state on the east coast of Cyprus, at the mouth of the river Pedieos, 6 km north of modern Famagusta. 

Then, drive back to Paphos (about 183 kilometers, a-2.5 hour drive). 

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: Paphos



Day 9: Paphos--Larnaca--Beijing

After breakfast, drive to the Larnaca (about 137 kilometers, a-1.5 hour drive). 

Larnaca is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus and the capital of the eponymous district. It is the third-largest city in the country, after Nicosia and Limassol. Larnaca is in a prime position for forays south down the coast to some of the island's best beaches and inland to the quaint villages and attractions of the Maheras forest region. 

Larnaca gulf 

Larnaca gulf 

Then, drive to the Ayia Napa (about 50 kilometers, a 45-minute drive). Located in the district of Famagusta, Ayia Napa has become synonymous for Sun, Beach and Fun Holiday Experience. Some consider Ayia Napa to be a completed holiday paradise for all ages, some others know Ayia Napa for its signature Night Life. Definitely, Ayia Napa offers a diverse Holiday Experience and can be considered the Tourist Capital of Cyprus.

After arrival, go to the Sea Caves (about 8 kilometers, a 10-minute drive). Sea Caves Ayia Napa is incredibly lovely and picturesque place that has all components of the delightful landscape--natural beauty, bizarre caves and grottoes and surprisingly clean and clear sea water of various shades of blue, turquoise, emerald and deep blue colors obtained from features of the landscape, bottom depth and various marine algae. 

Ayia Napa  Sea Caves 

Ayia Napa  Sea Caves 

Ayia Napa  Sea Caves 

Ayia Napa  Sea Caves 

After arrival, take photos of the Larnaca Salt Lake. Each year, the Larnaca Salt Lake is painted pink by the thousands of Flamings that overwinter on its banks. 

Larnaca Salt Lake

Then, drive to the Larnaca International Airport. Go back to Beijing by Qatar Airways (Flight for reference: Larnaca--Doha QR270 20:50-00:50, the flight time is about 4 hours; the duration of stay is about 1 hour and 20 minutes; Doha--Beijing QR892 02:10-14:55, the flight time is about 7 hours and 45 minutes). 

Day 10: Beijing 

Arrive at the Beijing Capital International Airport at about 14:55 and end the delighted photo tour. 

Expenditure: 17,800 yuan/person

Charges include: 

1. The international group air ticket (Beijing--Larnaca). 

2. The accommodation cost listed in the itinerary (standard double room). 

3. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner listed in the itinerary. 

4. The local air-conditioned tour coach and the professional driver service

5. Chinese tour guide service. 

6. The entrance fee of tourist attractions listed in the itinerary. 

7. Cyprus visa.

8. Travel Accident Insurance.

Charges exclude:

1. Tax charged by custom, the cost of overweight luggage and relevant fees. 

2. The expense of tour includes all costs except: 

(1) The charging service during transportation such as non-free meals, laundry, haircuts, telephones, drinks, alcohol and tobacco, pay-TV, luggage, mail, shopping and meals listed on the itinerary;

(2) Meals and traffic during free activities. 

3. Other fees not mentioned in the itinerary such as special tickets, sightseeing boat, cable cars and subway tickets. 

4. All expenses of retention caused by personal reason. 

5. Economic losses and liabilities caused by time delays or itinerary changes due to the weather or the failure of planes, cars, train and other vehicles.

6. Economic losses and liabilities for any damages during the consignment. 

7. The price difference for single room: 3200 yuan (For single male and female, we will try our best to arrange the accommodation; If you need a single room, you need to apply and make up the price difference when you sign up). 

Information for Cyprus visa:

1. Visa application form

2. The original (Valid for at least 6 months or more ) and the copy of the passport. If you have an old passport, you need to provide the original (if the old passport is lost or cannot be provided, you need to write a lost statement of the old passport and sign it);

3. A copy of your ID card with both sides. 

4. The original and copy of the household register

5. Color photos with white background (two photos each person; 35mm width*45mm height; the photo must be taken in recent three months; The photos must be clear; The ears should be exposed, and the teeth should not be exposed);

6. The incumbency certification (print with the company letterhead paper);

7. A copy of the business license with the official seal;

8. A copy of organization code certificate with the official seal;

9. The account statement of the bank account for the last three months (the balance is at least 50,000 or more and more is better);

10. If you go with your wife or husband, you need to provide the original and copy of the marriage certificate;

11. Retirees need to provide social security cards and retirement cards;

12. Unemployed people need to provide social security cards.

Special declaration:

1.If the tour members fail to apply for visa timely due to personal reasons or problems in the provided materials, or are not allowed to entry and exit by related agencies, the responsibilities and expenses should be borne by members themselves. 

2. The irresistible objective reasons such as natural disasters, wars, strikes and government actions or special circumstances such as delays or cancellations of flights, we have the right to change the itinerary and the additional cost should be borne by the members,

3. All accommodations, vehicles, and attraction tickets for tour members are all packaged and cannot be canceled. If members fail to visit, it shall be deemed abandoned and the costs are not refundable. 

4. Different countries have different judgment standards for hotel rating. Many hotels in characteristic towns do not participate in the star rating of the government, so there is no star listing, but these hotels possess the facilities standard and reception capacity of the designated hotels in the itinerary. 


Overseas customs:

1. There is no hard requirement for tips in Cyprus. If you think the staff performs well, you can pay tips to show gratitude. You need to pay tips if the porter helps you with your baggage. 

2. Please bring shoes covers when you visit the church in Cyprus. No photography and no loud talking. 


1. Please assure that your physical condition is able to handle the photo collection activity. It is recommended that you purchase the travel accident insurance or travel overseas assistance insurance according to your own condition. 

2. Travel accident insurance or assistance insurance coverage does not include the following situation: 

(1)The chronic disease that one already has. 

(2)Take part in high-risk projects identified by insurance companies such as skydiving, skiing, diving, etc;

(3)Exemption projects regulated by insurance companies such as pregnancy and miscarriage.

Sign off passport:

Please check your passport entry stamp carefully. If there is any missing or unclear information, you can ask for re-stamp to avoid unnecessary losses.

Shopping and drawback:

1. Shopping is individual behavior. Please check the quality of products before purchasing. If you discover quality problems after returning home, the procedures for changing or returning products are complicated. Whether you can change or return depends on the specific circumstances.

2. To ensure your interests, please ask whether the goods can get a tax refund before purchasing. 

3. If members can not refund the tax in time due to reasons of stores, customs, or airport (flight delay, bank close, urgent inspection time of customs), we are not responsible for the tax refund. 

Security matters:

Please pay attention to personal and property security during your visit. Be sure to bring your cash, documents, and valuables when you are out. We are not responsible for any loss of property (such as tickets, passports, money, clothing, etc.) due to personal negligence.

Practical information:

1. Currency and exchange:

You can pay with Euro, with an exchange rate of one Euro to 7.8516 RMB (the specifics are subject to the real-time exchange rate). You can exchange RMB for US dollars in major banks of China, which is the most cost-effective way to exchange Euro. The banks at Larnaca and Paphos International Airport provide 24-hour currency exchange services. Similar services can be found in the Limassol Port. ATMs are available in all towns and resorts. Local hotels, large shops and restaurants accept credit cards and traveling check as payments. Most merchants do not accept Unionpay card. 

2. Time difference: non-summertime (From 1 a.m. on the last Sunday in October to 1 a.m. on the last Sunday in March). Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is 6 hours later than Beijing. Summertime (from 1 am on the last Sunday in March to 1 am on the last Sunday in October), Nicosia is 5 hours later than Beijing. 

3. Voltage: the voltage of Cyprus is 240 V. The socket has three holes with British standard. You can buy the adapter at local electrician shops, supermarkets, and grocery stores.

4. Communication: You can launch the international mobile roaming service before you go abroad. The dialing code for China is 86+area code + phone number. You can buy the SIM card in the local area, which is convenient and economical. There are two communication company service providers: “So Easy” and “MTN”. 

5. Language: the official language is English, Osmanli, and Greek. 

Details about registration:

1. The members must sign the reserve agreement and pay a deposit of 2,000 yuan. Please submit to us your personal information such as name, phone number, and ID number. 

2. The minimum number of a tour group is 15. After the group is settled, the members should sign the relative agreement and pay in full. 

3. If members cancel the registration or withdraw the trip halfway, the price difference of the local traffic will be deducted and the rest will be returned. 

Remittance account:

1. Account name: Dejia Liu    

Bank of deposit: subbranch bank of ICBC in Dujiang Road, North Station, Tianjin.   Account number: 6222020302017512211;

2. Account name: Dejia Liu; 

Bank of deposit: Jinyi subbranch of Agricultural Bank in Tianjin

Account number: 6228460026000183466;

Contracting method:

1. Electronic signing: Sign by scanning and faxing agreement;

2. Sign up in person: Sente Office Building, No. 1 Yurong Huayuan, Jinzhonghe Street, Hebei District, Tianjin, China


The photography tour has unpredictable risks, such as natural disasters, wars, ethnic conflict and other non-human factors, which may cause damage and losses to one’s life and property. We purchase travel accident insurance for each member and the insurance company is responsible for insurance items. We actively help members to safeguard their interests, but we assume no responsibility for travel accidents. Members who sign up are regarded to agree on this statement. 


1. Please bring the original ID Card, money, clothing, photographic equipment, commonly used medicine, such as cold medicine, throat lozenge, painkillers, antidiarrheal medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, and band-aids;

2. Large temperature difference between morning and evening and changeable climate, please bring rain gear, waterproof jackets, fleece, hats, masks, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, flashlight, etc. 

3. Photographic activities have appropriate requirements for physical fitness. People who suffer from serious diseases that are not suitable for outdoor activities are not allowed to sign up. Members who conceal diseases shall bear responsibilities themselves.

4. Members should pay attention to personal safety and look after luggage or equipment, improving self-protection awareness;

5. Please follow the arrangements of the leader and tutor. If you meet unexpected situations, please negotiate timely to ensure the success of activities. 

6. Please respect the local customs during the shoot. 

7. If you have been to the North Cyprus, please inform us in advance because there is a possibility that you can not go to the South Cyprus. 


1. We retain the right to make reasonable adjustments based on the actual conditions of weather, shooting conditions, and road conditions;

2. If you cannot shoot or the shooting results are undesirable due to weather, sights, social environment (war, strikes, etc.), traffic jams, and other objective factors, we shall bear no liabilities. 

3. Members shall bear the costs caused by expansion of the schedule due to national price adjustment and other force majeure factors during the trip. 

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