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The Orgiastic Tour of Holi Festival: 12-day Photo Tour in Northern India

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Based on rich experiences of our photographers' several tours to Northern India, we select the most suitable spots for photography (New Delhi, the capital of India; Agra, the historical city; Jaipur, the pink city; Sanganer, the village of printing and dyeing; Bikaner, the ancient trade center; Jaisalmer, the Golden city; Kuri, the desert village;  Jodhpur, the Blue city and so on). Guided by the famous photographer, Taisen Kang, this tour will allow you to break through the previous tour experience and capture impressive works. This trip is arranged during the traditional Indian festival - Holi Festival, so that you can take wonderful photos during the colorful carnival. In short, this 12-day photo tour is a worthwhile trip. 

Route Map

Special service:

1.Number of people: 15 - 20;  The tour won’t start until fully booked.

2.Lead by photographic experts: The famous photographer, Taisen Kang, will serve as leaders, providing photographic training in the local area and professional guidance during the entire trip.

3.In-depth Tour: Instead of cursory “tourists traveling”, this photo tour of India goes deep to the most classic spots for photography to make deep photo creation. 

4. Publication of picture album: The expert will select 20 classic works of each member and make a delicate picture album for free. 

5. Exhibition: tour members can selectively display photos online (including Global Trip, Global Photography in English and Chinese, Mobile Photography, Wechat platform, Indian Crown International Travel Group and other platforms) and offline (including Pingyao International Photography Festival, International photographic week of Natural Ecology and other large-scale international exhibitions) to promote the works. 

6. A jury of experts: Each traveler chooses 10 photos to participate in work rating. One best photographer will be selected by experts, and be honored as the “Excellent Photographer” with the Certificate of Honor being a proof.

Date of Departure

Assemble in the Capital International Airport on February 26th, 2018 and return Beijing on March 9th, 2018 after 12 day’s photo tour. Considering the need to apply for visa, book tickets and other issues, the deadline for registration is February 6th (first come first served). 


Holi, also known as “Holi Festival”, “Colorful Festival”, is a traditional Indian festival as well as the traditional Indian New Year. It is held annually in February and March with varying length of time. The 2018 Indian Holi Festival begins on March, 2nd. The celebration time of major cities may be varied, and some places celebrate the festival several days in advance. Holi means the end of the monotonous winter and beginning of the warm spring. Holi is an important festival in India, Nepal, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad, England, Mauritius, and Fiji, but the most stunning one is that of India. At that time, people throughout India will celebrate Holi in various ways. 

During this trip, you will be in an incredibly colorful world and surrounded by the hilarious festival atmosphere. The local people play the Indian traditional music, and sing and dance devotedly. Everyone, whether children or adults, walk along the street and smear the colorful powders on the forehead of others to show blessing. Even, they grab the color powder and sprinkle it to everyone they meet with no scruples from head to toes. All of these are highlights you should not miss. 


Day 1 (February 26th, 2018; Monday): Beijing—New Delhi 

Assemble in the Capital International Airport at the appointed time and fly to New Delhi, capital of India, by Air China (Flight for reference: CA947 20:40-01:40, the flight time is about 7.5 hours). 

Meal: No

Accommodation: on the plane

Day 2 (February 27th, 2018; Tuesday): New Delhi—Agra

After arrival at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, drive to Agra (about 200 kilometers, a four-hour drive)

After lunch, drive to the Taj Mahal. It is one of the most famous historical sites in India, as well as one of the masterpieces of the world heritage, known as the “Perfect Building” and the “Pearl of India”. It is a huge mausoleum mosque built under the command of Shah Jahan, the Emperor of Mughal, to commemorate his beloved concubine during 1631 and 1653. 

Then visit the Agra Port. The Agra Port, along with the Taj Mahal across the river, is a testimony of an immortal love story. 

At night, take pictures of the beautiful sunset of Taj Mahal by the river. 

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner 

Accommodation: Agra 

Day 3 (February 28th, 2018; Wednesday): Agra—Jaipur

After breakfast, drive to Jaipur (about 235 kilometers, about a 6-hour drive). During the trip, take pictures of the Fatehpur Sikri, 40 kilometers from the southwest of Agra. In 1571, the capital relocated here from Agra. In 1986, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. The remains of the city include palaces, government administration agencies, mosques, gardens, libraries, hospitals, and other facilities, making this ancient city a precious architectural history museum.

After lunch, drive to the Wind Palace at the center of Jaipur. Named as “Palace”, however, this five-story building is actually a thick “wall”. There is no spectacular lobby and gorgeous room, only honeycomb-like windows. These windows are made of red sand and inlaid with many glasses. When the moon shines, the whole palace is glittering like stars and the moonlight is weaving, thus getting its name as the “Moon Palace”. 

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Accommodation: Jaipur

Day 4 (March 1st, 2018; Thursday): Jaipur—Sanganer—Jaipur

After breakfast, drive to Sanganer, a village famous for Dyeing (about 15 kilometers, a 35-minute drive). Hand-dyeing was already well-known in the 12th century and regarded as a family business. In the town of Sognnel, there are a variety of print plants, in which workers are dyeing cloths or drying cloths. After arrival, you can take pictures of the ancient Indian Haveli, exquisite murals, hand-dyeing scenes and all kinds of views of the town. 

Then, shoot the Water Palace in the center of the lake. In the 16th century, the Water Palace was built in order to escape from the heat in summer under orders from the monarch of Rajasthan. At that time, only members of the Royal family can reach the palace. 

After lunch, drive to the Jantar Mantar. It was used to observe the sky and predict the event by the astrologers. On the green lawn, there are various bizarre brick buildings as well as the world’s largest sundial, whose precise observation facilities reflect the wisdom and talents of the ancient Indian people. It is still well-preserved today. 

Then, visit the City Palace Museum. Located in the center of the old city, it is one of the best preserved historical sites in India. This palace was built by Rajasthan in 1728 after surrendering to the Mughal Empire. The current king of Jaipur still lives in the palace. This royal palace consists of a number of palaces, almost accounting for a quarter of the old street area. 

In the evening, appreciate the song and dance performance in Rajasthan.

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner

Accommodation: Jaipur

Day 5 (March 2th, 2018; Friday): Jaipur—Bikaner 

After breakfast, drive to Bikaner (About 321 kilometers, about 5-hour drive). It is a famous ancient city in the deserts of Rajasthan as well as the ancient trade center. Located in the thoroughfare of the ancient Silk Road, it connects China, Europe, Central Asia and North India. For centuries, it has not been destroyed. The desert camel army is eye-catching among the annual Indian national military parade formations. 

After lunch, take pictures of the Junagarh Fort. Built by the Raja Rai Singh, the sixth generation of Bikaner, it is a huge castle with the one-kilometer-long wall and 37 castles. The castle is entirely made of pink sand stone and the giant pillars, arches, and stone screens can be seen everywhere. 

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner 

Accommodation: Bikaner

Day 6 (March 3rd, 2018; Saturday): Bikaner 

After breakfast, drive to the surrounding villages to take photos. 

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner 

Accommodation: Bikaner

Day 7 (March 4th, 2018; Sunday): Bikaner—Jaisalmer

After breakfast, drive to Jaisalmer (about 328 km, approximately 6 hours). Jaisalmer is a trade town on the ancient Silk Road, on the edge of the Thar Desert, just 100 kilometers from the border with Pakistan. The city's buildings are built mainly with local, unique yellow hard sandstone. Every sunset, under the setting sun, the entire city is a golden yellow, so Jaisalmer is also known as the "golden city."

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner 

Accommodation: Jaisalmer

Day 8 (March 5th, Monday): Jaisalmer—Khuri—Jaisalmer

After breakfast, drive to the Lodrawa, take photos of Jain Temples, monuments, and other buildings. 

After lunch, take a jeep to visit the classic desert village—Khuri (about 50 kilometers, about a one-hour drive). In the living room of the local residents, there is usually a multi-latticed closet carved delicate patterns. Each pattern places different objects, such as statues, pots, and bowls. In the street, women with the kettle on their heads can be seen holding their children and going far to get water. The bright sari costumes on women form a strong contrast with the surrounding desolate landscape.

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner 

Accommodation: Jaisalmer

Day 9 (March 5th, 2018; Tuesday): Jaisalmer—Jodhpur

After breakfast, drive to the “Blue city” —Jaisalmer (about 300 kilometers, about 6.5-hour drive).

After lunch, go to the Mehrangarh Fort to take photos. Located in the old city of the Jodhpur, it was built by Rao Jodha in 1459. The fort is situated 410 feet (125 m) above the city and is enclosed by imposing thick walls. The castle has seven gates built by different maharajas at different times. Standing above the castle, you can take a panoramic view of the old city of Jodhpur. 

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner 

Accommodation: Jodhpur 

Day 10 (March 7th, 2018; Wednesday): Jodhpur—New Delhi

After breakfast, drive to the Umaid Bhawan Palace. Construction began in 1632 and took about 15 years. Built with marble and Burmese teak, it is the most representative building of Jodhpur. This huge building with 365 rooms was once the main residence of the royal family of Jodhpur. It is one of the largest private residences in the world. 

After lunch, return to the capital, New Delhi by Air India. (Flight for reference: AI476 14:55-16:20, the flight time is about 1h25m). 

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner 

Accommodation: New Delhi

Day 11 (March 8th, 2018; Thursday): New Delhi—Beijing

After breakfast, drive to the India Gate. The India Gate, established in 1921 and designed by Edwin Landseer Lutyens, was initially known as “All India War Memorial”, in memory of the British Indian soldiers sacrificed in the World War I and the World War III. 

Then, take photos of Lotus Temple. The Lotus Temple, also named Bahai, built in 1986, is a Bahaism temple that worships “all of human beings are ethnically homogeneous”. Featured by its elegant design, it resembles a blooming lotus composed of three layers of petals. Lotus is the national flower of India and is viewed as a fetish in Buddhism and Hinduism, so the Lotus Temple is popular among Indians since its foundation. 

Then visit the Raj Ghat. Located on the bank of the Jumna river, it is the tomb of the “Mahatma” Gandhi, the father of India. The tomb is extremely simple without any ornaments. However, it attracts numerous people in white national costumes from far and near on holidays to mourn the host of the tomb. 

After dinner, return to Beijing by Air China (Flight for reference: CA948 03:10-11:25, the flight time is about 5h45m)

Meal: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner 

Accommodation: On the plane 

Day 12 (March 8th, 2018; Friday): Beijing

Arrive at the Beijing Capital International Airport at about 11:25 and end the delighted photo tour. 

The above schedule may be adjusted based on some reasons, such as weather and road condition. Thanks for understanding. 

Expenditure: 12,500 yuan/person

Charges include: 

1.The three flights listed in the itinerary (Beijing—New Delhi; Jodhpur—New Delhi; New Delhi—Beijing). 

2.The local four-star hotel, standard double room. 

3.Breakfast, lunch, and dinner listed in the itinerary. 

4.The local air-conditioned tour coach and Professional driver service

5.Chinese tour guide service and tip. 

6.The entrance fee of tourist attractions listed in the itinerary. 

7.Indian electronic visa.

8.Travel Accident Insurance.

Charges exclude:

1.Tax charged by custom, the cost of overweight luggage and relevant fees. 

2. The expense of tour includes all costs except: 

(1) The charging service during transportation such as non-free meals, laundry, haircuts, telephones, drinks, alcohol and tobacco, pay-TV, luggage, mail, shopping and meals listed on the itinerary;

(2) Meals and traffic during free activities. 

3. Other fees not mentioned in the itinerary such as special tickets, sightseeing boat, cable cars and subway tickets. 

4. All expenses of retention caused by personal reason. 

5. Economic losses and liabilities caused by time delays or itinerary changes due to the weather or the failure of planes, cars, train and other vehicles.

6.Economic losses and liabilities for any damages during the consignment. 

7.The price difference for single room: 2800 yuan (For single male and female, we will try our best to arrange the accommodation; If you need a single room, you need to apply and make up the price difference when you sign up). 

Classic photography works appreciation

The above works are provided by the Global Trip. If you want to learn more about the scenery and architecture photography works mentioned in the itinerary, please refer to the related articles.

Materials needed for applying for the India Visa (Electronic version):

1. Color scanned copy of the homepage of the private passport that is valid for more than 6 months;

2. Personal data sheet;

3. White Electronic photo; JPEG format, size: 5cm*5cm, photo size: between 10KB to 300KB. The photo must be clear to ensure a complete head. If you wear glasses, the lens should not reflect light and facial features must be exposed. 

Special declaration:

1.If the tour members fail to apply for visa timely due to personal reasons or problems in the provided materials, or are not allowed to entry and exit by related agencies, the responsibilities and expenses should be borne by members themselves. 

2.The irresistible objective reasons such as natural disasters, wars, strikes and government actions or special circumstances such as delays or cancellations of flights, we have the right to change the itinerary and the additional cost should be borne by the members,

3.All accommodations, vehicles, and attraction tickets for tour members are all packaged and cannot be canceled. If members fail to visit, it shall be deemed abandoned and the costs are not refundable. 

4.Different countries have different judgment standards for hotel rating. Many hotels in characteristic towns do not participate in the star rating of the government, so there is no star listing, but these hotels possess the facilities standard and reception capacity of the designated hotels in the itinerary. 


Overseas regulations and customs:

1.India has the habit of tipping, which is one of the international etiquettes. If you think the staff performs well, you can pay tips to show gratitude. 

2.India is a religious country and you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Take off shoes before entering temples and houses; Do not use knife, fork and spoon that you have used or hand to touch others’ food or tableware; Do not touch others’ items with your feet; Be sure to ask for permission before entering the Hindu Temple because some temples are not open to non-believers; You need to walk around the temple or pagoda in clockwise; Fur products are not allowed to be brought into temples; Ask permission if you want to take photos (whether shooting people or items; Pay attention to dressing, especially women should not wear exposedly; The intimacy in public is disliked. 


1.Please assure that your physical condition is able to handle the photo collection activity. It is recommended that you purchase the travel accident insurance or travel overseas assistance insurance according to your own condition. 

2.Travel accident insurance or assistance insurance coverage does not include the following situation: 

(1)The chronic disease that one already has. 

(2)Take part in high-risk projects identified by insurance companies such as skydiving, skiing, diving, etc;

(3)Exemption projects regulated by insurance companies such as pregnancy and miscarriage.

Sign off passport 

Please check your passport entry stamp carefully. If there is any missing or unclear information, you can ask for re-stamp to avoid unnecessary losses.

Shopping and drawback

(1) Shopping is individual behavior. Please check the quality of products before purchasing. If you discover quality problems after returning home, the procedures for changing or returning products are complicated. Whether you can change or return depends on the specific circumstances.

(2) To ensure your interests, please ask whether the goods can get a tax refund before purchasing. 

(3) If members can not refund the tax in time due to reasons of stores, customs, or airport (flight delay, bank close, urgent inspection time of customs), we are not responsible for the tax refund. 

Security matters:

Please pay attention to personal and property security during your visit. Be sure to bring your cash, documents, and valuables when you are out. We are not responsible for any loss of property (such as tickets, passports, money, clothing, etc.) due to personal negligence.

Practical information 

(1)Currency and exchange:

The official currency of India is rupee, with an exchange rate of one RMB to the  9.79 INR (the specifics are subject to the real-time exchange rate). RMB is not common in India, and US dollars or rupees can be used locally. The international airport has a currency exchange office. Many banks in India have offices at the airport. International credit cards such as Master Card, VISA Card and American Express can be used in hotels, restaurants, and shopping stores.

(2)Time difference: India and China have a 2.5-hour time difference. For example, it is 12:00 at noon in Beijing and it is 9:30 in the morning in India. 

(3)Voltage: the voltage of India is 220 V or 240 V. The socket is two-phase round head or three-phase round head, please bring the power conversion plug.

(4)Communication: You can launch the international mobile roaming service you go abroad. The dialing code for China is 86+area code + phone number. You can buy the SIM card in the local area, which is convenient and economical. Please ask the tariff standard when you purchase and most mobile recharge cards need to deduct tax.

(5)Other: Indian hotels have a strong sense of environmental protection awareness. There is no toothbrushes, toothpaste, and slippers in the room.

Details about registration:

1.The members must sign the reserve agreement and pay a deposit of 2,000 yuan. Please submit to us your personal information such as name, phone number, and ID number. 

2.The minimum number of a tour group is 15. After the group is settled, the members should sign the relative agreement and pay in full. 

3.If members cancel the registration or withdraw the trip halfway, the price difference of the local traffic will be deducted and the rest will be returned. 

Remittance account:

1.Account name: Dejia Liu    

Bank of deposit: subbranch bank of ICBC in Dujiang Road, North Station, Tianjin.   Account number: 6222020302017512211;

2.Account name: Dejia Liu; 

Bank of deposit: Jinyi subbranch of Agricultural Bank in Tianjin

Account number: 6228460026000183466;

Contracting method:

1. Electronic signing: Sign by scanning and faxing agreement;

2. Sign up in person: Sente Office Building, No. 1 Yurong Huayuan, Jinzhonghe Street, Hebei District, Tianjin, China


The photography tour has unpredictable risks, such as natural disasters, wars, ethnic conflict and other non-human factors, which may cause damage and losses to one’s life and property. We purchase travel accident insurance for each member and the insurance company is responsible for insurance items. We actively help members to safeguard their interests, but we assume no responsibility for travel accidents. Members who sign up are regarded to agree on this statement. 


1.Please bring the original ID Card, money, clothing, photographic equipment, commonly used medicine, such as cold medicine, throat lozenge, painkillers, antidiarrheal medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, and band-aids;

2.Large temperature difference between morning and evening and changeable climate, please bring rain gear, waterproof jackets, fleece, hats, masks, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, flashlight, etc. 

3.Photographic activities have appropriate requirements for physical fitness. People who suffer from serious diseases that are not suitable for outdoor activities are not allowed to sign up. Members who conceal diseases shall bear responsibilities themselves.

4.Members should pay attention to personal safety and look after luggage or equipment, improving self-protection awareness;

5.Please follow the arrangements of the leader and tutor. If you meet unexpected situations, please negotiate timely to ensure the success of activities. 

6.Please respect the local customs during the shoot. 


1.We retain the right to make reasonable adjustments based on the actual conditions of weather, shooting conditions, and road conditions;

2.If you cannot shoot or the shooting results are undesirable due to weather, sights, social environment (war, strikes, etc.), traffic jams, and other objective factors, we shall bear no liabilities. 

3.Members shall bear the costs caused by expansion of the schedule due to national price adjustment and other force majeure factors during the trip. 

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