World's First Energy-positive Hotel Planned for Arctic Circle
When approaching the Helgeland coastline, in northern Norway, you can't miss the Svartisen glacier spilling down the side of Almlifjellet mountain. Below, the gin-clear Holandsfjorden fjord -- an extension of ...
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The Emerald Coast: Nicaragua's Hidden Jewel
In the past two decades, Nicaragua has made concerted efforts to increase peace and international tourism; now, it's one of Central America's safer nations for travel, based on 2017's Global Peace ...
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A Facelift for the Grand Dame of Singapore
In recent years the photogenic sky-pool of the Marina Bay Sands hotel may have dominated Instagram feeds as the prime tourist spot in Singapore.But the Raffles Hotel still retains a ...
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Wuzhi Mountain Tropical Forests
As one of the only three pristine tropical rainforests, Wuzhi Mountain, literally “Five Finger Mountain”, is the highest and therefore a very special destination for green tourism and eco-tourism. In particular, the Li and Miao ethic groups in the area still keep their own distinct folk customs and are very attractive to people outside.
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