Teeth Dyeing is a Symbol of Maturity
​Teeth dyeing was widely practised especially by various ethnic tribes in Southeast Asia. It was well known in China and right down to modern times today. Teeth dyeing is similar to the Japanese “ohaguro” practice...
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Wa Ethnic Minority
The population of Wa ethnic minority is 429,709 according to the 2010 Sixth National Census, they lives in Ximeng, Cangyuan, Menglian, Gengma, Lancang, Shuangjiang, Zhenkang and Yongde counties in southwestern Yunnan Province...
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Original Ecological Culture of Lahu Minority
The music and dances of the Lahu people have their unique styles and are permeated with life. There are many melodies and songs. Their dances, numbering about 40, are characterized by foot tapping and swinging...
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Xishuangbanna Featured Food
The most popular pepper sauce is Tomato Nanmi. Tomato Nanmi is made from small, sour tomato and hot pepper. The hot pepper will be first roasted till the skin becoming burnt slightly with a special fragrance...
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Lahu People
The Lahus ethnic minority has a population of 453,705, mainly distributed in the Lancang Lahu Autonomous County in Simao Prefecture, Southern Lincang Prefecture and Menghai County in western Xishuangbanna in Yunnan...
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