10-day in-depth Photo Tour in Cyprus
Guided by the famous photographer, Taisen Kang, this tour will allow you to break through the previous tour experience and capture impressive works. During this trip, you can photograph historic buildings, mysterious archaeological sites, folk customs, world-famous heritage, and enjoy different water sports and a variety of food.
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The Orgiastic Tour of Holi Festival: 12-day Photo Tour in Northern India
Guided by the famous photographer, Taisen Kang, this tour will allow you to break through the previous tour experience and capture impressive works. This trip is arranged during the traditional Indian festival - Holi Festival, so that you can take wonderful photos during the colorful carnival. In short, this 12-day photo tour is a worthwhile trip.
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China Set to Rule Theme Park Kingdom
The country's theme parks will welcome more than 330 million visitors a year by 2020, making China the amusement park capital of the world. A growing appetite for thrill rides and immersive travel ...
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The World's Most Extreme Airports
Commercial aviation has allowed access to pretty much every corner of our planet. The construction of airports in the most extreme destinations has opened up a world of possibilities for those travelers ...
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Novel idea: The Scottish bookstore that became a vacation rental
This unique vacation rental in Wigtown -- Scotland's National Book Town -- lets guests run their own bookstore by the sea. The Open Book is the brainchild of American writer Jessica Fox, a former ...
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Seeing The Northern Lights From This Arctic Cabin On A Sled
eeing the Northern Lights is an unforgettable experience, but standing outside in the cold waiting for them to appear is pretty tedious. So, what if you could enjoy the Aurora Borealis from the comfort of your ...
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Beauty Maven Bobbi Brown Is Getting Into the Hotel Business
Bobbi Brown is best known for the beauty brand bearing her name. The minimalist, flattering eyeshadows and lipsticks won many busy working women as fans, but Brown sold the company to Estee Lauder ...
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World's First Energy-positive Hotel Planned for Arctic Circle
When approaching the Helgeland coastline, in northern Norway, you can't miss the Svartisen glacier spilling down the side of Almlifjellet mountain. Below, the gin-clear Holandsfjorden fjord -- an extension of ...
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Khoomei: The Mongolian Art of Singing
As a gem inspired by the spectacular grassland and the unrestrained nomadic lifestyle, Khoomei (also known as Hooliin Chor, throat-singing or throat harmony), is a style of singing that performed in form of solo...
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Introduction of Hong Kong Disneyland Park
Walt Disney, the founder of the Walt Disney Company, had a dream about something much more exciting than a standard amusement park: “It came about when my daughters were very young and Saturday was ...
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Epic Iceland Spa Resort Promises Sensory New Escape
There are already plenty of reasons to visit Iceland, but if its abundant waterfalls, lava fields, glaciers and natural baths aren't enough, there may soon be another ...
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Lisus Rich Art and Culture
Achi Mugua: Achi Mugua, which originated from Lancang River, means goats singing and dancing. It is a kind of self-entertained singing and dancing featured no instruments. There is a prelude at the beginning...
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A Facelift for the Grand Dame of Singapore
In recent years the photogenic sky-pool of the Marina Bay Sands hotel may have dominated Instagram feeds as the prime tourist spot in Singapore.But the Raffles Hotel still retains a ...
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Introduction of the Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa, Merlin Beach
Marriott International, Inc. is a leading global lodging company with more than 6,000 properties in 122 countries and territories, reporting revenues of more than $17 billion in fiscal year ...
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Unscripted Hotels to break into English market in Birmingham
American hotel group Dream Hotel Group is set to break into the UK market with the announcement of a new property from their unscripted ...
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Opium Den to Disco -- the Story of Singapore's Warehouse Hotel
Located in the now prestigious Robertson Quay area, the boutique hotel spans three old warehouses, which collectively cover 22,626 square feet (2,102 square meters). Built in the late 19th century when the ...
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Broaden Your Travelling Horizons with Websites like Airbnb
For better or worse, Airbnb has redefined the travel industry. Millions of people use the site’s listings to land great deals on rooms throughout the world, but it’s not all roses for the online service. Along with complaints regarding the service’s lack of safety protocols and criticism centered around its use tax havens, the company has also been scrutinized for doing too little to deal with the countless complaints it has received about racism, from guests and hosts alike.
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New Hotel in Vienna by Rosewood Hotels to Open in 2021
A new landmark property by Texan hotel company Rosewood Hotels and Resorts has been announced in Vienna. The company, which already operates 17 hotels boasting a total key-count of 2,180 in locations ...
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The 10th International Hotel Investment & Design Club Forum: Discussing “Building for the Future”
The theme of this year’s forum is “Building for the future”. The forum will explore the significance and role of architecture, design, and conceptualization as well as branding as criteria ...
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How A Taiwanese Whisky Became A Global Favorite
Often compared to fruit jam, Kavalan is an easy whisky to like, especially for the uninitiated.The Taiwanese brand's most popular varieties are matured in sherry casks, making it ...
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