Celebration of the 110th anniversary of the founding of Antu County will open
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the founding of Antu County, or the Second Changbai Mountain Mineral Water Cultural Tourism Festival of China Antu with the theme of “Holy Antu, the pearl of Changbai”, organized by Antu county committee of the communist party of China and Antu people's government, will be grandly held during September 6 to 7.
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Huinan Present Shows to Motherland China
The Longwan people put on a show in the wild to celebrate the 70th anniversary of China. The beauty of Longwan, Huinan City, Jilin Province sets a brilliant background for the show.
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10-day in-depth Photo Tour in Cyprus
Guided by the famous photographer, Taisen Kang, this tour will allow you to break through the previous tour experience and capture impressive works. During this trip, you can photograph historic buildings, mysterious archaeological sites, folk customs, world-famous heritage, and enjoy different water sports and a variety of food.
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Entering the land of idyllic beauty—Liurengou
Located in the west of Liangjiang Town, Antu County, Jilin province, Liurengou covers an area of 90 square kilometers with a total population of 300 and 70 households. It is a place with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.
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Old Town of Lijiang
The Old Town of Lijiang, located in the Lijiang autonomous county of Yunnan province, is one of the last surviving ancient towns in China. The architecture of the Old Town of Lijiang is noteworthy for the blending of elements from several cultures, and its ancient water-supply system of great complexity and ingenuity still functions effectively today. The Old Town of Lijiang was added to the list in December, 1997...
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Seeing The Northern Lights From This Arctic Cabin On A Sled
eeing the Northern Lights is an unforgettable experience, but standing outside in the cold waiting for them to appear is pretty tedious. So, what if you could enjoy the Aurora Borealis from the comfort of your ...
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Beauty Maven Bobbi Brown Is Getting Into the Hotel Business
Bobbi Brown is best known for the beauty brand bearing her name. The minimalist, flattering eyeshadows and lipsticks won many busy working women as fans, but Brown sold the company to Estee Lauder ...
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World's First Energy-positive Hotel Planned for Arctic Circle
When approaching the Helgeland coastline, in northern Norway, you can't miss the Svartisen glacier spilling down the side of Almlifjellet mountain. Below, the gin-clear Holandsfjorden fjord -- an extension of ...
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SuperShe Island: Women-only Luxury Retreat Opening in Finland
Did you watch hit movie "Wonder Woman" and daydream about escaping to her home, the female-only island of Themyscira? That dream could soon become a reality: entrepreneur Kristina Roth has created ...
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Khoomei: The Mongolian Art of Singing
As a gem inspired by the spectacular grassland and the unrestrained nomadic lifestyle, Khoomei (also known as Hooliin Chor, throat-singing or throat harmony), is a style of singing that performed in form of solo...
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Cloud 9: A Floating Pizza Bar in the Middle of the South Pacific
As our two-engine speedboat starts the journey back to Port Denarau Marina, a major port on Fiji's main island, we lurch to an unexpected stop.A seal on the fuel injector on the engine has loosened, so ...
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Introduction of Hong Kong Disneyland Park
Walt Disney, the founder of the Walt Disney Company, had a dream about something much more exciting than a standard amusement park: “It came about when my daughters were very young and Saturday was ...
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A Luxury Resort with a Conscience in Thailand's Phang Nga Bay
Thailand's Phang Nga Bay is home to unrivaled natural beauty. A string of limestone cliffs and small islands juts through the azure waters of the Andaman Sea like sleeping giants, creating a stunning visual ...
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Epic Iceland Spa Resort Promises Sensory New Escape
There are already plenty of reasons to visit Iceland, but if its abundant waterfalls, lava fields, glaciers and natural baths aren't enough, there may soon be another ...
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the 2017 “Sente•Antu” International Photo Contest Award Ceremony held
On Jan. 26, 2018, the 2017 “Sente•Antu” International Photo Contest Award Ceremony is held in Antu County, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, China.
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Award Ceremony of 2017 “Sente•Antu Cup” International Photo Contest held in Antu
On Jan. 26, 2018, the 2017 “Sente•Antu” International Photo Contest Award Ceremony is held in Antu County, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, China.
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Zhuang Brocade with A Long History
Zhuang brocade has a long history. Way back in the Han Dynasty, ancient Zhuang ethnic people wove what was known as "banbu" or "streaky cloth", the predecessor of brocade. After the founding of the People's...
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Beijing Museum of Natural History
Beijing Museum of Natural History grew out of the preparation department of National Central Museum of Natural History founded in 1951. Beijing Museum of Natural History was formally named in 1962. Being the first large-scale museum of natural history founded on our own strength after new China was established, the museum bears three main functions: the specimen collection, the academic research and the science popularization of paleontology, zoology, botany and anthropology. The museum today boasts its rich collections, high-level research and ever-enlarging exhibitions. It has been one of a few museums of natural history in China and named as National Youth Science and Technology Education Base .
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the Capital Museum
The Capital Museum, located in the Confucius Temple, was prepared in 1953 and formally opened in 1981. As a major cultural construction project in Beijing in the “10th Five-Year Plan”, the new complex of the Capital Museum, approved by the Beijing Municipal Government in 1999, further approved by the State Council after being submitted by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2001, commenced its construction in December 2001.
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The Giant, Glittering Structures of Hainan's Architectural 'Arms Race'
It's the island paradise in southern China referred to by people across the country as "the Hawaii of China." But it isn't Hainan's natural beauty that's catching the eye of visitors to the island's major ...
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