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Upcoming International Ecological Photography Exhibition in Caidain

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2017 International Ecological Photography Exhibition in Sino-French ecological demonstration city (Caidian District of Wuhan) held by local government and Global Photography will kick off on Sep.26, 2017. 

Caidian Chenhu Wetland. Photo by Liu Fuhua

Caidian Chenhu Wetland. Photo by Wang Jinhui

Caidian Chenhu Wetland. Photo by Yu Hui

Various events will be held during the exhibition, namely

1. 2017 International Ecological Photography Exhibition. Over 1000 ecological photo works of more than 20 world top photographers will be exhibited.

2. Ecological Photo Forum. People invited include leaders of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, leaders of China Photographers Association, influential ecologists and environment experts.

3.Lectures given by famous photographers 

Shi Guangzhi


National First-level Photographer

Member of China Photographers Association's Art Photographic Committee

Professor of Beijing Correspondence Institute of China Photographers Association

The first photographer to win for three consecutive years the Golden Statue Award—the highest Chinese official award for photography.


Yu Yuntian


Director of China Photographers Association

Winner of the First Golden Statue Award Contest

Named on Nikon Celebrity List


Yong He


Vice Chairman of China Photographers Association

Director of the Photojournalist Society of China

Winner of the Golden Statue Award


Global Photography members are eligible to attend

1. Photography seminar where they have the chance to communicate with a number of professional photographers face to face.

2. Lecture held by Brian K. Smith

Master of Photographic Arts (MPA)

Member of the Professional Photographers of Canada

Lower Mainland regional chair for the Professional Photographers of Canada-BC

Specializing in travel, humanitarian, portrait, event, and fine art photography. 

Photo by Liu Fusheng

Photo by Liu Fusheng

Photo by Zhang Xingbin

Photo by Zhang Xingbin

Photo by Zhang Xingbin

Photo by Zhang Xingbin

Photo by Zhang Xingbin

Staff members will be at your service at the service station of the Exhibition. Welcome to Caidian, Wuhan, we look forward to seeing you there.

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