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The First Lake in Changbai Mountain--Xueshan Feihu

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Located in Liangjiang Town, Antu County, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, the Xueshan Feihu Tourist Scenic Spot is featured by the striking picturesque view. It originates from the Tianchi in Changbai Mountains and lies along the upper reaches of the second Songhua River, earning the reputation of the “First Lake in Changbai Mountain”.

With spacious water area and dense forest, it forms the unique scenery. The snow begins to melt in spring, the mountain is covered with green trees in summer, the forest dresses in beautiful colors in autumn, and all things are covered by the snow in winter. The terrain is steep and spectacular, forming large and small peninsulas. On both sides of the river, there are many cliffs, where you can appreciate exotic landscapes such as banana rocks, solar rocks, and pillar rocks.

With an average temperature of 19.8oC during July and August, this place is a natural oxygen bar and an ideal summer resort. The Xueshan Feihu wharf is equipped with over 20 speedboats, cruise ships and hovercraft; The Qinglong Mountain is rich in species, with Korean pine forest, and oak, walnut, and pentagonal maples all over the mountains. 

There are various pollution-free vegetable picking gardens, ginseng cultivation bases, ginseng picking gardens and deer parks in the scenic area. Visitors can taste the green food while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. Walking into the Xueshan Feihu scenic spot, you can be immersed in the idyllic scenery, appreciate the red pine forest and enjoy the clear lake. 

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