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Entering the land of idyllic beauty—Liurengou

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Located in the west of Liangjiang Town, Antu County, Jilin province, Liurengou covers an area of 90 square kilometers with a total population of 300 and 70 households. It is a place with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. At first, six people found such a paradise and settled down here, thus it got its name as “Liurengou” which explains its origin. Liurengou is famous for different landscapes. 

Fog: It is one of the landscapes of Liurengou, which often appears in the early morning and evening. The whole village is hazed by mist, making it a fairyland. When the sun shines, the mist is lasting and appears the indistinct light. 

Leave: The autumn leaves here are beyond description. Placing yourself in the jungle and stepping on the clean leaves, you are immersed in a colorful world. You will certainly be moved by this pure beauty.

Sunset: It is a beautiful scenery when the rays dyed the whole sky red. With the rise of the mist, the village turns into the golden sea. 

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