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Cruising on the Mingyue Lake of Antu

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Mingyue Lake of Antu (also known as Antu Reservoir) is a man-made reservoir on the Fuxing River, a tributary of the Burhatong River in the Tumen River Basin. The lake, 4 kilometers from the county town, has the water-collecting area of 37 square kilometers, with the total storage capacity of 47.46 million cubic meters. Surrounded by hills, it is as clear as a mirror reflecting the sky. It is a tourist attraction for water playing, including activities like sightseeing on a yacht and fishing on the water. There is a variety of fish in the lake, such as carp, grass carp, and white carp. On the calm lake, jet skis, speed boats and boats are available for visitors to take. One can enjoy time taking a yacht or a boat to cruise on the water. 

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