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“Internet Plus”, a practice of Internet thinking, is a driving force of economic transformation and entity development. It provides a broad platform for industry reformation, innovation and development. Internet prevails over traditional media in transmission speed, cost reduction, and sustainability, and thus has become a major advertising medium. Local governments are now responding positively to the country’s proposal of green development and putting top priority on eco-tourism. On July 4th, 2015, the State Council released the Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting the "Internet Plus" Action Plan, aiming to strengthen the comprehensive integration between the Internet and real economy. As a result, “Internet Plus Tourism” is to be a new highlight of China’s economic growth. Besides, photography and tourism have high congruency. Promotion of tourism through photography brings a multiplier effect, and explores local culture, as well as boosts long-term development of local economy. The integration between photography and Internet will be a new impetus for tourism development.

In this context, Tianjin Sente Group has successively established Global Photography, G-Trip and Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance. With the operational concept of ‘Internet Plus’ and a special operation mode taking advantage of photography experts resources, we aim to advertise the featured tourism resources of different countries and regions through these online platforms. We help clients plan, integrate, design, refine and promote their tourism resources, so as to boost comprehensive development of local economy and related industries, and attract investments as well. The three online platforms constitute a website group, forming a brand new operational mode of “internet+ photography+ tourism+ industry investment”.

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